With winters just around the corner, the wedding season is all set to be back. And that leaves especially the brides-to-be a thought – How to maintain that expensive wedding outfit on which they’ve spent a fortune?

Normally, a wedding outfit is worn just once and then stacked away forever inside a closet. However, it holds special value and needs to be preserved for life. Who knows, you might want to pass it down to your daughter as heirloom!

Here are some priceless tips to make sure that your big-day-outfit stays as good as new:

  • Dry clean: Make sure you get your wedding outfit (a gown, sharara or lehenga) properly dry cleaned to avoid the possibility of any stain ruining it for good. Any stains and sweat marks should also be treated before storing the dress.
  • Protective wrap: It’s best to wrap the outfit in a muslin cloth before storing it. It’s like providing an extra layer of protection to the treasured garment. In fact, gowns should be hung while lehengas should be folded and stored.
  • Say no to humidity: Avoid any dampness and humidity in the storage area since it is detrimental to the health of the garment. Keep it away from sunlight. A bed box is an ideal option.
  • Allow your clothes to breathe: Make sure you show your bridal dress the light of the day periodically to avoid mold from damaging it.

While you may not get too many chances to wear your fairytale wedding outfit, you certainly wouldn’t want to miss any chance to flaunt it before your friends and children and reminisce about the memories of the big day of your life every once in while. So keep them looking their best!