A leather garment is like a prized jewel in the wardrobe because of the sheer class and rugged appeal it adds to any attire. However, leather clothes demand a certain degree of care without which they lose their charm. And wrinkles are like their biggest arch nemesis…

With these tips you can keep wrinkles at bay from your prized leather garments:

  1. Storage: Make it a point to include an acid free paper inside your leather garments. This helps retain their shape and prevents wrinkles. In fact, hanging leather clothes is a much better option than keeping them folded. Make sure you cover them in plastic or use garment covers to prevent dust along with wrinkles. Be careful in the choice of hangers as they should not be too toilsome.Also, take out leather clothes from storage periodically and keep them in the shade at room temperature for some time so they remain moisture and mold-free.
  2. Leather protector: Always make sure you apply leather protector to your garments. They are like fodder for the clothes. They safeguard against any damage caused by water and even prevent staining.
  3. Take Help: Don’t hesitate to avail the services of a good laundry expert to make sure your pricey leather garments are not destroyed by wrinkles.

If only we knew earlier that keeping leather garments wrinkle-free was so easy!…