Winters are setting in, and therefore, getting into snuggly and warm woolen clothes is the order of the season. But washing your woolens can be a tricky proposition, since they can easily sag, lose shape and even shrink!

In today’s automatic world, handling your woolen garments prabugacor in your washing machine is very convenient. However, there are a few things you need to take care of while trying to machine-wash your favorite woolens. Pasang123 Check the label carefully. Only those with ‘Dry Clean Only’ should be kept away from water wash; others can be safely put in the automatic machine.

Also, you should always turn them inside out to rajangamen avoid pilling and use non-alkaline woolen-friendly liquid gentle detergents. Remember to put them in big wire mesh bags and not stuff up your washing machine tank. Then use the ‘Wool’ or ‘Delicate’ cycle on your machine to wash them. Do not use hot water. Cold water cycles are best to avoid damage to the delicate fibers. In fact, if you can, do soak the garment in cold water before loading in into your machine.

Avoid heavy spinning and do not tumble-dry or heat-dry them at all to avoid sagging. In fact, the best way is to take out your washed garment, lay it flat between two towels to pat dry, shape it well and dry it a flat position under mild sunlight. Never hang it, as it will surely sag and damage it for good!

So go ahead and make your woolen prabujitu login possessions look amazingly new with these tips!