Month July 2023

Your #summer #style guide!

Summer is finally here! And, we all know that with summer comes the bold prints, the retro styles, the breezy sundresses and those funky shorts. Summer sure does have its advantages! However, to make summer dressing fun, we need to… Continue Reading →

Want hassle free laundry? Opt for an online laundry services

Life has become a mad rush. People are struggling to find a work life balance. After a tiring day at work, household chores become a burden. You can order food online or through an app. prabujitu login You don’t even… Continue Reading →

Tipsto keep your child’s stuffed toys clean and germ free

So your child loves her prabujitu login favorite teddy and the oh-so-cuddly stuffed toys. She may like to curl up and sleep with a beanie or a furry friend. It is comforting and cute no doubt, but do you realize… Continue Reading →

Tips to wash woolen items in washing machine without damaging them

Winters are setting in, and therefore, getting into snuggly and warm woolen clothes is the order of the season. But washing your woolens can be a tricky proposition, since they can easily sag, lose shape and even shrink! In today’s… Continue Reading →

Tips to keep your Cotton Clothes from Fading

With temperatures soaring these summers and beating all previous records, it is time to ditch those synthetic materials and go for easy, fun and breezy cottons. Cotton clothes are 100% organic and reduce the chances of prickly-heat and other summer-induced… Continue Reading →

Steal those special moments with your family!

So you have been working hard all day or week and look forward to spending some quality time with your kids and spouse… You promise to catch the latest blockbuster with them, followed by a lavish dinner at their favorite… Continue Reading →

Packing Your Summer Clothes Safely

Winter is fast approaching and you need to make way for your woollen clothes.. So it’s that time of the year when you prabujitu login need to empty your wardrobe yet again and safely pack and store your summer clothes… Continue Reading →

Keeping leather garments wrinkle-free

A leather garment is like a prized jewel in the wardrobe because of the sheer class and rugged appeal it adds to any attire. However, leather clothes demand a certain degree of care without which they lose their prabujitu login charm…. Continue Reading →

How to Take Care of Your #WeddingOutfit After Your #BigDay

With winters just around the corner, the wedding season is all set to be back. And that prabujitu login leaves especially the brides-to-be a thought – How to maintain that expensive wedding outfit on which they’ve spent a fortune? Normally,… Continue Reading →

How to select a new washing machine

Before you head to the market to pick up a washing machine for yourself, do ace up some facts and features about them so you can make a better choice. There are so many options out there and the salesman’s… Continue Reading →

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