So you have been working hard all day or week and look forward to spending some quality time with your kids and spouse… You promise to catch the latest blockbuster with them, followed by a lavish dinner at their favorite joint! How about teaching your pre-teen how to bake that irresistible cupcake, so he/she can surprise her father by baking one for him on his birthday next month!.. With the perfect weather right now, you can even pack a meal and just set off for a leisurely picnic; basically, do all those things that families are supposed to do together –perfect opportunities to strengthen your bonds! After all, the kids will grow up fast and you want to have cherished memories of such times together, don’t you?.. So make the most of your time with them post work or on weekends.

But just when everyone is looking forward to these happy moments, reality strikes…. Who will take care of the mundane but unavoidable household chores back at home?…The kitchen…the cleaning..the laundry…the list is endless. And that’s where most plans get trashed… 🙁

But there’s no harm letting go once in a while to give priority to your family. So what if your house hasn’t been cleaned for a day or if you don’t do the laundry….Just kick off your shoes, let go and indulge your loved ones. You’ll be surprised how they’ll start doting on you all over again!