Before you head to the market to pick up a washing machine for yourself, do ace up some facts and features about them so you can make a better choice. There are so many options out there and the salesman’s jargons can leave you in a tizzy! Here’s a quick run-up that can come handy!

Fully Automatic Vs Semi Automatic

  • Semi Automatic
    • Semi-automatic washing machines have two tubs
    • Manual intervention required to move clothes from one tub to another
    • Relatively cheaper. Cost between INR 5,500-12,000
  • Fully Automatic
    • Has only one tub
    • Available as top and front loading variants
    • No manual intervention requires
    • Needs a permanent water connection
    • Cost anywhere between INR 12,500 to a whopping Rs 75,000!

Drum type

  • Drums available in plastic, enamel-porcelain or stainless steel (Price and durability increases based on the drum type)
  • Settings in a machine based on the type of load and can be mechanically set or via fancy touchpads
  • Automatic ‘fuzzy logic’ in some machines helps sense the weight of the laundry and automatically select the wash cycle

Other features

  • Most machines have a spin cycle, which rinses the clothes semi-dry
  • Some machines also have temperature control to help maintain the temperature of water
  • Pre-soak function helps let the dirt be loosened with detergent before the wash
  • Fancy features such as time-delay setting can help you program the wash for a later time.
  • Some machines also have air dry cycle which sucks air to dry the clothes further, while others may have an extra rinse cycle or automatic dispensers to release the detergent, fabric softener or bleach etc.
  • Accessories such as air dryers can come in handy when you have paucity of space to hang the clothes to dry, but no paucity of budget! These cost between INR 15,000-20000.

The more the features, costlier the washing machine! So go ahead, chose the one that meets your requirements!…