So your child loves her prabujitu login favorite teddy and the oh-so-cuddly stuffed toys. She may like to curl up and sleep with a beanie or a furry friend. It is comforting and cute no doubt, but do you realize that they are also a giant storehouse for dust and mites?

This dust can cause serious allergies to your child and the germs may cause infection of all sorts! Keeping the stuffed toys clean is therefore very important. First of all, do not keep the toys outside all the time. prabugacor Store them in a cupboard and take them out whenever your darling wants to play with them.

Most of the toys can be soaked for a few hours in a bucket with lukewarm water and a gentle rajangamen cleaning agent, like wool-cleaning solutions Ezee or Genteel. Gently wash the soaked toys like you wash your woolens and then let them dry in the mild sun. Avoid hanging them.

You can also let the sturdier toys run in a washing machine cycle for ‘woolens’ and ‘delicate’ clothes. Use lingerie bags to wash the toys if need be. Using a hot dryer is very effective for killing germs, if the material can sustain it. Check the label.

Freezing the toys in plastic bags for 24 hours will also Pasang123 kill the germs! Or simply use a damp cloth to surface clean toys that cannot be washed.

With these easy tips you can sit back and relax as your child indulges in their favourite play time.