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How to Maintain Your Wedding Outfit

With winters just around the corner, the wedding season is all set to be back. And that leaves especially the brides-to-be a thought – How to maintain that expensive wedding outfit on which they’ve spent a fortune? Normally, a wedding… Continue Reading →

How to maintain those expensive suedes boots and jackets

  Preserving your suave suede boots or jackets can be quite a herculean task, given that if not handled as per the specifications, the material can be damaged for good, rendering your expensive buys useless. The basic challenge that comes in… Continue Reading →

How to keep your woolens from shrinking

Your favorite pure wool sweater just doesn’t seem to fit this season. Have you put on weight, you wonder? Not necessarily! Did you wash it last season before you stowed it away for summers? Well, that’s the culprit then! Did… Continue Reading →

How to keep your white clothes sparkling clean

White is a symbol of purity, and most of us have ample whites in our wardrobe. They look great, can be paired with any colour and add an air of elegance to one’s persona. Sure, they look fab, but ensuring… Continue Reading →

How to keep your child’s stuffed toys clean and germ free

So your child loves her favorite teddy and the oh-so-cuddly stuffed toys. She may like to curl up and sleep with a beanie or a furry friend. It is comforting and cute no doubt, but do you realize that they… Continue Reading →

How to get rid of stubborn chocolate stains

Who doesn’t love to eat a sinful chocolate… Kids in particular love theirs all gooey! However, what is a treat for your taste buds can cause a stubborn stain if dropped on clothes. If you have such an ugly stain… Continue Reading →

How to battle those dreaded #inkstains So that dreaded ink spot is back to haunt you; this time around on your much coveted pristine white CK shirt that your wife gifted you on your anniversary. Well, don’t waste time getting sentimental and losing your cool over it? Simply follow these essential tips to get rid of the stain and get your smile back: 1. Act fast: Do not allow the stain to stay for long. The sooner you treat it, the better results it would yield. Also, blotting and rubbing should be avoided at all costs. 2. Ammonia: Non-synthetic garments work well with ammonia. Prepare a mixture of about 2 parts of methylated spirit and one part of ammonia. Then soak the garment in this mixture and slowly add vinegar. Your shirt will be as good as new after a wash! 3. Lemon: Lemon juice and laundry detergent make for an excellent ink stain removal mixture. Apply it to the stain and let it hold for a few hours. Then wash the cloth in cold water as usual. 4. Milk: Milk is one of the most orthodox means employed to remove these stains. The water based stains work well with cold milk while warm milk makes for an excellent pre wash soak. 5. Salt: The utility of salt knows no bounds, if the ink stain is wet, pour salt over it and then dab the area with a wet paper towel. Remove and pat dry the salt. Repeat till the stain goes away completely. The most important thing in such a situation is to keep calm and find a quick and easy solution to the problem. Why lose sleep over it and let it play spoilsport with your mood. Just put our tips to use…and voila, your shirt will be as good as new! #happyclotheshappyme #LaundryExpert

How to battle those dreaded #inkstains So that dreaded ink spot is back to haunt you; this time around on your much coveted pristine white CK shirt that your wife gifted you on your anniversary. Well, don’t waste time getting… Continue Reading →

Handy Tips! How to Pack your Summer Clothes Safely

Winter is fast approaching and you need to make way for your woollen clothes…. So it’s that time of the year when you need to empty your wardrobe yet again and safely pack and store your summer clothes so the… Continue Reading →

Forget everything and steal those special moments with your family!

So you have been working hard all day or week and look forward to spending some quality time with your kids and spouse… You promise to catch the latest blockbuster with them, followed by a lavish dinner at their favorite… Continue Reading →

Folding clothes, a chore made easy

There are many times when you are running out of time and you have loads of freshly washed clothes to be folded. Folding can be such a chore, and hard to get right. Moreover, many people have a tendency to leave those… Continue Reading →

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