5 Things to keep in mind when washing silk

Dropped some veggies on your silk saree at a party?… Don’t risk cleaning that soiled spot unless you know the right technique that’ll not ruin the fabric. Silk is a very delicate fabric, and therefore, needs to be treated with… Continue Reading →

How to select a new washing machine

Before you head to the market to pick up a washing machine for yourself, do ace up some facts and features about them so you can make a better choice. There are so many options out there and the salesman’s… Continue Reading →

Blast from the Past: The origin of washing machines

The washing machine that takes care of your laundry and saves you hours of heavy toil is now an essential household item. Have you ever wondered how the idea behind this smart gadget originated?…Well, here’s a peek into its history…… Continue Reading →

Cleaning upholstery no longer a nightmare!

Your furniture upholstery is bound to have dirt and stains considering it cannot be washed on a regular basis. So how can you make the fabric to look new, increase its lifespan and also maintain hygiene? If you have been… Continue Reading →

How to battle those dreaded #inkstains

So that dreaded ink spot is back to haunt you; this time around on your much coveted pristine white CK shirt that your wife gifted you on your anniversary. Well, don’t waste time getting sentimental and losing your cool over… Continue Reading →

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