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How to keep your white clothes sparkling clean

White is a symbol of purity, and most of us have ample whites in our wardrobe. They look great, can be paired with any colour and add an air of elegance to one’s persona. Sure, they look fab, but ensuring… Continue Reading →

How to get rid of stubborn chocolate stains

Who doesn’t love to eat a sinful chocolate… Kids in particular love theirs all gooey! However, what is a treat for your taste buds can cause a stubborn stain if dropped on clothes. If you have such an ugly stain… Continue Reading →

How to keep your woolens from shrinking

Your favorite pure wool sweater just doesn’t seem to fit this season. Have you put on weight, you wonder? Not necessarily! Did you wash it last season before you stowed it away for summers? Well, that’s the culprit then! Did… Continue Reading →

How to select a new washing machine

Before you head to the market to pick up a washing machine for yourself, do ace up some facts and features about them so you can make a better choice. There are so many options out there and the salesman’s… Continue Reading →

Blast from the Past: The origin of washing machines

The washing machine that takes care of your laundry and saves you hours of heavy toil is now an essential household item. Have you ever wondered how the idea behind this smart gadget originated?…Well, here’s a peek into its history…… Continue Reading →

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