Are you like most of them,Sitting in your cubicle on a Friday afternoon worrying about your Saturday laundry schedule..?? Just the thought of it makes you procrastinate your ‘weekend-laundry-dose’. Is’nt it??

Oh! I am Tired



I heard somebody saying Saturday night is party night, not for our physicist Sheldon who clearly seems to be ‘caught in the wrong job.Even getting stuck in a traffic jam is less monotonous then doing your laundry.

Saturday Night

Saturday Night is Laundry Night :(



May be sipping some heavenly coffee, having a hang-out with family and friends or may be comforting themselves in a multiplex enjoying a friday’s hot release!! Anything but not laundry dudes..!!




Or may be a Saturday party, get the office frustration out of your system!

Party Fever



While doing the ultra-boring laundry, don’t you feel like If I had Aladdin’s magic lamp. I would rub the Ginie out and fulfil my three demands..Pick my laundry..clean them to them in my wardrobe..GINIE..GINIE..YOU THERE???

Can you please?

Can’t someone pick my laundry?



Yes,we enjoy doing something which freaks out most of you. From collecting YOUR laundry to cleaning them to their pristine best to delivering YOUR clothes to YOUR doorsteps according to YOUR convenience at rates YOU wont believe. We are Pick My Laundry,one stop solution to all YOUR laundry issues

Yes We Can



Pick My Laundry is here!!

Pickmylaundry is here



The expression says it all :)