Your favorite pure wool Pasang123 sweater just doesn’t seem to fit this season. Have you put on weight, you wonder? Not necessarily! Did you wash it last season before you stowed it away for summers? Well, that’s the culprit then!

Did you know that woolens may shrink if soaked in rajangamen water for a long time? So, what’s the best way to wash a woolen garment without shrinking it?… Here are some tips that you should keep in mind.

• Soak the clothes in woolen-friendly prabugacor detergents for a short time (say 30 min) in cold water, NOT hot! Make sure all the fibers are soaked. It is good to first make a solution with detergent in water and then put the woolens in.

• Just hand-wash gently at room temperature. Do not rub the wool against itself! Do not wring at all! Use a towel to pat dry the excess water and then spread out the woolen garment flat to dry, away from direct sunlight, so it doesn’t shrink nor sag.

• If you wish to machine wash them, use the woolen cycle, with cool or luke warm water, not hot. The idea is not to let the woolens be agitated. If possible, put the woolen in a lingerie bag before tossing it in the machine. Set to the part where it drains and then stop before it agitates. Then move onto the rinse cycle. Avoid heavy prabujitu login spin dry cycles and dry as suggested above.
These tips should surely help your woolens retain their original size and softness, even better than chemical-laden dry cleaning!

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