There are many times when you are running out of time and you have loads of freshly washed clothes to be folded. Folding can be such a chore, and hard to get right. Moreover, many people have a tendency to leave those lovely, freshly laundered clothes on the floor, on their bed, or draped over their chair. Here are few tips to help you quickly fold clothes and arrange them:

Shirts and T-shirts

From the shoulder seam, hold the shirt/t-shirt and give it a good shrug. Start by placing the shirt face up on a flat surface. Fold in half vertically with the arms together. Fold the arms back onto shirt. Fold horizontally, so that the hem of the shirt touches the neck. Flatten the shirt. This is not necessary but it will make the shirt neater. Repeat the process for all the shirt/t-shirts and lay them on top of one


Jeans and Trousers

If you have too many jeans and trousers in the pile, start by first holding them from the waistband and

giving each a good hard flap to remove initial wrinkles. Then fold the trousers vertically, bringing the legs

together, with the pockets on the outside. Bring the legs to just above the top of the pocket or about

two or three inches below the waistline if there is no pocket. Repeat the process for all Jeans, khakis and

trousers and lay them on top of one another.

Skirts and Dresses

Although it is better to hang skirts and dresses, even if you don’t have proper skirt hangers, you can still

fold them. Start by folding in half horizontally, or fold the hem to waistband or collar, depending on whether you are folding a skirt or dress.

Innerwear and Socks

Separate innerwear and socks in different piles and keep them aside in separate drawers. These items can be afford to be wrinkly.


Hang one on a hook for each person and clean up your basket. It’s just that easy.

Kitchen linens

Separate all the kitchen linens into their own baskets and just keep it in the corner of the kitchen. These tips will help you to save your time and you can have a laundry mess free house. The worst part of doing laundry just got a whole lot easier.