Folding clothes, a chore made easy

There are many times when you are running out of time and you have loads of freshly washed clothes to be folded. Folding can be such a chore, and hard to get right. Moreover, many people have a tendency to leave those… Continue Reading →

Tips to keep your Cotton Clothes from Fading

With temperatures soaring these summers and beating all previous records, it is time to ditch those synthetic materials and go for easy, fun and breezy cottons. Cotton clothes are 100% organic and reduce the chances of prickly-heat and other summer-induced… Continue Reading →

#BeatTheHeat with these #FashionStatements

So ladies, it’s that time of the year again when your arms can go bare, your legs can breathe and your body can feel the caress of the hot sun! This summer, the following key trends visible on the catwalks… Continue Reading →

How to get rid of stubborn chocolate stains

Who doesn’t love to eat a sinful chocolate… Kids in particular love theirs all gooey! However, what is a treat for your taste buds can cause a stubborn stain if dropped on clothes. If you have such an ugly stain… Continue Reading →

How to select a new washing machine

Before you head to the market to pick up a washing machine for yourself, do ace up some facts and features about them so you can make a better choice. There are so many options out there and the salesman’s… Continue Reading →

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