So ladies, it’s that time of the year again when your arms can go bare, your legs can breathe and your body can feel the caress of the hot sun! This summer, the following key trends visible on the catwalks will keep you in great style for every mood or occasion. Just take a pick!

• Inspiration

The 70’s and the 90’s are still the inspirations this 2016. So the romantic, bohemian, relaxed clothes like pyjamas slip dresses, flowy skirts and shorts rule the roost. Fringes are still going strong and lacy lingerie inspired elements detail a lot of styling. Ruffles and ruches as surface treatment have been repeatedly used.

• Patterns and Fabrics

Sensual, sheer fabrics are a key trend that ‘suggest’ rather than ‘show’. Shiny surfaces and attention grabbing finishes dominate fabrics. Blossom prints, stripes and big bold plaids have been grabbing eyeballs at runways across the globe.

• Colours

There’s no single colour trend as the colours on the catwalks covered the whole spectrum. From vivid hues mixed n matched to pastels and even autumnal shades. However, silver is the key colour to go glam this season.

• Accessories

It’s okay to adorn jewellery like tiaras, brooches, extra long earrings, chunky chokers and almost everything on you this season. The bucket bag has made a showing at more than one designer’s show in the new half moon shape. Carry it everywhere!

So, go on and layer more than one of these trends to create your own unique look this summer!